Just had SMP done.

Super happy. I have been shinny bald for awhile now, but NOT NOW !

I have had two treatments and I love it, i need one more for sure, maybe two.

It is well worth the money!

Justin - not my real name LOL

I had the new plasma treatment for wrinkles.

Wow! I can hardly believe it, the crows feet are greatly diminished. Its not a quick fix but over a few treatments I could really see the difference. I would recommend anyone thinking obout plasma skin tightening, DO IT.


Stretch Mark Treatment.

Very happy with the treatment, its not comfortable but the treatments greatly reduced the appearance. I could do more treatments but I am satisfied with thee results now. Thanks Ruby!


Lip Filler.

Amazing new lip filler. NO PAIN ! I am very happy with the results and will see Ruby again.


Amazing Clinic.

I was really impressed wth Ruby.

She did a great job for me and I will be back.


Birthmark almost gone!.

Wow! Its amazing! I have always been so insecure about my birthmark. Ruby was able to hide it very well, I use very little make-up now, I am so excited !  It didnt feel great but it was well worth it.

Thinning hair filled in.

I am a women, I hated the fact that I could see my scalp. I went to see TTClinic and she was able to fill in the area so that its not as visible as it was before. It took 3 session before it it was not visible. I am so happy I cant beleive it!


Had my scar permanently camouflaged.

They were able to cover up a scar I had. Of course its still there but it is not as noticeable as it was, I am very pleased, very happy, it was worth it!


bald spot is almost gone!.

I had a smp hair density treatment, and my hair looks dense and full. The procedure was performed by Ruby, and she was wonderful. I have one more session left and I am so happy already. I cant imagine how good it will be when I am done!

No more uncle Baldie for me.

My nieces and nephews used to call me Uncle baldie before the Scalp Micropigmentation, now i’m going to need a new nick name! Very professional place and highly recommended.


I highly recommend smp to anyone losing hair.

I was skeptical at first but after I researched it, then met with Ruby, I was pretty comfortable. I am so glad I did it. It looks real and completely different from the tattoos on my arm. each dot they made looks like a real hair follicle. Even after my first session, i got comments. But no one could tell me what was different, they just said I looked younger LOL . Thats why I am staying anonymous LOL

Should have done it years ago.

I was going to get a hair transplant and I found out about The Transfermation Clinic at the last minute. I have new hairline and look 15 years younger.


Amazing results, better than expected.

My hair looks more full now and I have much more confidence. I’ve had 2 sessions, each was a couple of hours. Not too painful and I have no complaints